Things to consider before accepting a job

October, 2015
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In today’s increasingly competitive job climate there’s an argument for not looking the gift horse in the mouth and taking what’s offered.

Adopting this attitude can mean selling yourself short, however, and potentially walking into a position that’s not a good fit for you or your career. If you already have a job it’s also worth asking yourself whether you’re climbing the ladder to a better position or just looking for an easy escape route from your current work environment.

Being unemployed shouldn’t necessarily make you any less discerning. While there may be pressure to start earning again, you need to weigh up the long-term consequences of a rushed, poorly planned decision for your career.

Here are seven ‘C’s to weigh up and consider before signing on the dotted line.

Company and Career

The first thing to ask yourself is what is this new employer likely to mean for your career. Is this organisation a step-up or step-down from your current firm and will its brand and industry reputation enhance or detract from your own professional stock? Do some due diligence and draw up a list of pros and cons for both firms.

Contribution and Challenge

There’s no point moving to a great company if it doesn’t add anything to your CV. Whether currently employed or not, you need to make sure what’s on the table provides enough challenge to develop your skills and keep you motivated. Make sure to iron out the specifics of your role with your hiring manager before making your decision.

Colleagues and Culture

Assuming the role itself ticks all the boxes, there are your future colleagues to take into account. Do the people working there seem like your kind of people? Does the company culture align with your own values? Would you be happy calling your interviewer “boss”? These are all questions you should be asking yourself at some stage.


Last but not least there’s the small matter of money to consider. While financial motivation can sometimes fog judgement, you want to make sure your earnings are a fair reflection of your skills and experience. If you’re out of work you need to make sure your employer is not taking advantage and that you are getting the market rate for this position.

Whether you’re gainfully employed or itching to get off the unemployment roll, there’s no harm in taking your time and considering all the angles before making your final decision. And remember: however far along you are in the process, it’s very rarely too late to change your mind.