The Road To Resilience: Failure, Recovery, and Recovery Again

December, 2019
shutterstock_136245224 orig 1000 x 667 - RESIZED 530 X 300 It would be an understatement to suggest that leaders face significant challenges in today’s complex world. Consider the tasks of balancing a strategic focus on mission and vision, ensuring organizational growth, and staying abreast of the latest industry trends. Additionally, leaders must ... Read More >>

How managers can build a top performing team

November, 2019
2019-11 WBS - How managers can build a top performing team - Feb2019 Author Whitney Johnson told an audience at WBS London that what motivates employees more than money or praise is the opportunity to learn. The writer of Building an A Team: Play to their strengths and lead them up the learning curve argued companies who do not train and give their workers the ... Read More >>

Five tips to become a wiser leader

October, 2019
2019-09 Five tips to become a wiser leader shutterstock_384568261 530 X 300 Some people may be born leaders, but for the rest of us leadership is something not many are prepared for, says Hari Tsoukas, Professor of Organisation Behaviour, Warwick business School. I have been teaching and researching leadership and organisational behaviour for more than 20 years and, ... Read More >>

Getting personal about change

August, 2019
2019-08 Getting personal shutterstock_86796391 530 X 300 The need to shift mind-sets is the biggest block to successful transformations. The key lies in making the shift both individual and institutional—at the same time. It’s hard to process and evaluate new ideas to improve your business as we’re constantly inundated, but for any organisation, ... Read More >>