Five tips to become a wiser leader

October, 2019
2019-09 Five tips to become a wiser leader shutterstock_384568261 530 X 300 Some people may be born leaders, but for the rest of us leadership is something not many are prepared for, says Hari Tsoukas, Professor of Organisation Behaviour, Warwick business School. I have been teaching and researching leadership and organisational behaviour for more than 20 years and, ... Read More >>

Two lessons for leaders who want to drive profound growth

July, 2019
2019-07 Two lessons for leaders who want to drive shutterstock_100392335  vs2 530 x 300 Want your people to achieve more than you thought was possible? Then prioritise psychological safety and employee engagement, say Michael Parke, Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Dan Cable, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School. You might have heard ... Read More >>

Negotiating For What You Really Want In Your New Job

April, 2019
2019-04 Negotiating for what you really want shutterstock_189587771 530 X 300 Negotiating in a job interview is arguably one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the hiring process. But it doesn’t have to be that way! For a lesson on how not to get stumped when talking to a potential employer, Egon Zehnder's Sarah Van Dyck shares some expert advice on how to ask for what ... Read More >>

It’s Not Just a Resumé: It’s Your Leadership Story

February, 2019
2019-02 Spencer stuart Its not just a resume shutterstock_45563908  530 x 300 By Jason Baumgarten, Partner, CEO & Board Practice, Spencer Stuart It’s 2019. Do you still need a resumé? The surprising answer is “yes,” even for CEOs and board members. While digital bios are great, they do not take the place of a document that clearly communicates your career ... Read More >>